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The most undervalued and promising cryptocurrencies in 2022

Confidence in conservative assets is declining, with cryptocurrencies increasingly being favored over dollars and gold. Investors are indeed shifting to digital assets, which have serious growth potential but carry high risks. Cryptocurrency exchanges have already recorded the existence of approximately 11,000 virtual coins. 


Crypto-enthusiasts are not always able to separate the grains from the chaff for various reasons. Some coins are still gaining popularity, preparing to become fundamental assets. Crypto Winter 2022 is not over yet – this provides an opportunity to buy cryptocurrency several times cheaper. In the current article, let's look at the most undervalued coins and answer the question – which cryptocurrency is the most promising.




  • How to buy and store the most promising cryptocurrencies
  • Situation on the cryptocurrency market and experts' opinions
  • Valuation parameters of the most promising cryptocurrencies 2022
  • HODL of the cheapest prospective cryptocurrencies – benefits
  • Possible risks
  • Top most promising cryptocurrencies
  • Results

How to buy and hold the most promising cryptocurrencies

The unobservable leaders are still in their "infancy" – so the most promising cryptocurrencies of the future should be purchased right now. Buying and exchanging can be done as follows:


  • create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange – this is the safest place to buy, where there is sufficient liquidity in trading pairs, we can recommend: Binance,, OKX, Bybit, CoinEx, Huobi;
  • decentralized sites (dex exchanges) – they do not work with fiat currencies, so you can buy the most promising cryptocurrencies for investment only for other crypto-assets, there are placed more risky assets;
  • cryptocurrency exchangers – sites with a low level of security, but many investors resort to their help because of the lack of identity verification;
  • P2P services – all largest exchangers have P2P-markets; there are also standalone exchange services without third-party participation;
  • electronic payment aggregators – popular AdvCash and Payeer;
  • cryptocurrency wallet applications – many of them support purchases of cryptocurrency with a bank card;
  • Telegram bots – cryptocurrencies can be bought from social networking robots;
  • purchase from people during a meeting – numerous sites allow you to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the seller;
  • crypto machines – the option is suitable for travelers visiting Europe and the U.S., where these devices are common.

The most promising cryptocurrency should be purchased for the long term, implying that it will take several years to store the coins. The anticipation of taking off can be marred by the theft of funds, so it is worth following simple rules:


  • Keep private keys and mnemonic phrases in a safe place;
  • Do not give these data to third parties (even your closest friends);
  • Use original software and protect your PC from phishing programs;
  • Do not download unknown applications for storing coins to your cell phone.

It is possible to avoid information leakage by using cold wallets. For long-term storage, you should choose only hardware devices, such as Ledger or Trezor. If buying a cryptocurrency wallet is not possible, it is worth turning to secure "full" wallets that download the entire block chain to your computer. Use lightweight and mobile wallets last. Storage on an exchange wallet should also not be long-term.


Cryptocurrency market situation and expert opinions

Interim opinions vary, but the experts' global view is unambiguous – the crypto winter is not over yet. A bullish trend in the cryptocurrency market will form only in 2023. This means the following – the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2022 should be purchased now. 


The bearish cycle will end only when bitcoin falls to $15000 and Ethereum to $800. Analysts are predicting bitcoin to rise to $100,000, but a new round of rally will not begin until closer to 2023. But everything is not as bad as it seems.


The so-called "accumulation" is happening right now. Investors who know how to wait will be allowed into the distribution phase later on. This is what will allow huge profits from the most promising new cryptocurrencies. 


The review turned out to be very brief, while all indicators show that bitcoin is "at the bottom", institutional investors are making mass purchases. The above confirms the value of the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index. The anomalous fear that exists is fully consistent with Baron Rothschild's notions: "Buy while there is blood in the streets, even if it is your own. In a few years the euphoria will return, it will allow to sell the most promising cryptocurrencies for investment at a few dozen times higher price. 


Parameters for evaluating the most promising cryptocurrencies 2022

Identifying a promising coin is quite difficult. Sometimes even cryptocurrency giants with huge capitalizations can disappear. A good example is LUNA token, the collapse of which caused significant losses for investors. Studying the market takes time, only persistent years of work will allow you to identify the most promising cryptocurrencies today.


Even a beginner will be able to make a comprehensive assessment of the entry level, if you follow a simple algorithm:


The project has found a real use – only in-demand coins will have a long cycle of existence. The price of the coin will grow continuously if the blockchain project allows creating applications, issuing loans in cryptocurrency, tracking supply chains, providing entertainment or educational services. The main advantage is the real benefit to humanity.

Liquidity – the coin is listed on several major exchanges, trading pairs with major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH) are launched, there is a sufficient number of buy and sell orders (the exchange glass is regularly filled).

Reputation of the developers, the composition of the team. Some personalities are already widely known, if they have launched several cryptocurrencies, it is obvious that the next one will also have success among investors.

Further growth and prospects – bitcoin has no practical use, the coin is just the first and therefore the main one, but young cryptoprojects on one "HYIP" will not go far and will not be able to repeat the success of bitcoin. The creators must implement their plan step by step, announcing updates regularly. The evolution of a particular blockchain should be obvious.

Uniqueness – at its core is an incredible idea that captures the minds of mankind. It should be practically unattainable, but if it is executed, investors can break even. 

News background – the project must have a strong community. Regular discussion of the coin in social networks and on various platforms is an important advantage. 

Don't forget about transparency. Creators' applications should have code open to all. The present project can be cross-checked by other professional participants of the network, they are always available to manage and vote for the future transformation of the crypto-platform. 


HODL of the cheapest prospective cryptocurrencies – benefits

"Hold" in English means "to hold." Traders have distorted the concept and the word HODL has emerged, meaning long-term holding of cryptocurrency. Here are the benefits of holding the most promising coins long-term – cryptocurrencies in a wallet can provide the following:


Protection of fiat funds from inflation;

portfolio diversification, investors do not keep all funds only in bitcoin, so you can buy the most promising cryptocurrencies for investment in 2022, but their share should be limited due to the high risk;

Long-term investments with multiple growth potential;

invaluable experience in managing high-risk assets;

participation in the life of a particular cryptocurrency project;

funds can be allocated to stacking, which will increase income;

if you need funds, you can not sell the most promising cryptocurrencies 2022 on Binance, but take a loan against their collateral.

Bitcoin and Ethereum are popular with traders and fundamental investors now, but these coins will not give the same returns as the most promising cryptocurrencies 2022 cheaper than a few tens of dollars. 


Possible Risks

Which cryptocurrency is the most promising in the future – the cryptocurrency industry is relatively new, the answer to this question will not appear until decades from now. However, undervalued coins, which may take the leading position soon, already exist. It is important to understand that the most promising coins and cryptocurrencies of 2022 carry big risks for investors:


Destruction or loss of the private key (cid-phrase). Such a combination is unique and cannot be recovered. If the private key is lost or compromised, the coins will be lost forever.

Vulnerability of crypto exchanges and other cybersecurity breaches. Attackers routinely withdraw funds by finding technical loopholes in exchange security as well as in smart contracts.

A 51% attack – If a coin is based on the PoW algorithm, the entire blockchain could be compromised. This would cause a hard fork or complete collapse of the project.

Fraudulent actions related to P2P transactions. Coin exchanges without a third party are the most popular today because the transaction fees are minimal. Many platforms make no commitment to protect transactions, so all possible risks fall on users.

Risk of loss of confidence in cryptocurrencies – rapid rise of crypto-currencies can turn into an equally sharp fall, investors can always go back to the classic stock market.

Lack of legislative regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges and circulation. Any project can disappear and the citizen will not get proper protection. Even if a crypto exchange was officially registered, it was under the control of Western regulators. Therefore, lost coins cannot be recovered from the legal point of view either.

Loss of conversion opportunities. Payment systems change their terms every day or are closed. There is no guarantee that in a few years the usual methods of selling cryptocurrency will allow to get fiat money.

On the one hand – huge risks, on the other – the possibility of getting serious "X's". Each investor evaluates the risks independently, making an informed decision about the need to buy cryptocurrency. 


TOP most promising cryptocurrencies

What is the most promising cryptocurrency in 2022 – in our review will be at once 5 coins with incredible potential. Some of them have a technological blockchain, others draw the glory of the developers' main product, others are forks of "famous relatives". It even happens that cryptocurrency memes become more successful than serious projects. About all of them in order. 

Top most promising cryptocurrencies


Exchange ticker ERG. The most undervalued, promising cryptocurrency for 2022 and the best in terms of possible profitability. The blockchain was launched in 2019 by two natives of Russia, both of whom worked at the company that created Cardano. The coin got its own Autolykos algorithm. Today, the Ergo platform has limitless possibilities:


  • ErgoNFT and ErgoDEX;
  • Notary and crowdfunding;
  • cryptocurrency mixer;
  • peer-to-peer lending;
  • interaction with other platforms and complete anonymity;
  • issuance will last for 8 years thanks to PoW algorithm;
  • proprietary lunchpad and Stablecoin are being developed.

Wide financial possibilities are not the only advantage of the Ergo blockchain. Here are two circumstances that will lead to the uncontrollable growth of ERGO in the near future:


Issuance is by means of mining. The ERG coin has already outperformed Ethereum and Ethereum Classic in terms of returns. The high-yield period did not last long, but more important is the fact itself. In 2022, Ethereum mining will be shut down, so miners will need alternative coins on the Proof-of-Work algorithm. And ERG will be one of the main options. ERG shows excellent yields, does not act destructively on video cards – while working on the algorithm Autolycos chips are less heated, which also has a positive effect on power consumption. 

Coin Deficit – there are 32 million ERGO coins circulating in the market today. The deflationary mechanism will generate incredible demand after Ethereum switches to the Proof-of-Stake algorithm.

Strong team, great tokenomics, and the developers' hard work doesn't stop. This coin will top the list of the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2023 and all years to come.


SafePal (SFP)


The coin is now selling 10 times cheaper than in 2021, reminiscent of Ergo. This suggests that it is undervalued and there is a great opportunity to buy a large number of the right coins. Indeed, the crypto winter of 2022 allowed cryptocurrency to be purchased at a low price. Right now, one SFP coin is worth a few tens of cents, but the price will change soon.


SafePal offers not only state-of-the-art mobile wallets for storing cryptocurrency, but also hardware wallets made in-house.  Recently, cold wallets started supporting NFT, and the list of coins is also regularly updated.


Any positive news has a positive effect on the SFP exchange rate. It is the most promising coin on Binance, as SafePal is very closely connected with the Chinese exchange. SafePal is the first cryptocurrency supported officially by Binance. 


The SFP token has found real use on the SafePal Swap platform, there it is used as a native token that allows you to get a discount on swap transactions. The coin's graph suggests that the accumulation period is just beginning. The small issuance also allows some conclusions to be drawn.


A double-digit price is a very realistic target for such a promising coin, which now sells for a few cents.


Ethereum Classic


The coin has always remained in the shadow of its younger brother Ethereum. Not everyone knows that ETC was Vitalik Buterin's first cryptocurrency, it had to be abandoned due to a tough fork. Ethereum Classic survived thanks to a strong community that advocated for conservative and strict rules. 


Today, the practical value of the coin is at a minimal level. Blockchain allows applications to run, but developers are in no hurry to invest time and money in this direction. More valuable is the "noble origin" and availability of Proof-of-Work algorithm.


Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency is already tacitly chosen by miners as the main one after Ethereum left to the PoS algorithm. In a few years, Ethereum will become unaffordable for ordinary investors, so Ethereum Classic will take its place. 


The cryptocommunity has already seen the rough diamond, with the price of ETC soaring by a hundred percent in July. It is possible that in a few years, the price of ETC will be equal to the current price of the mainstream Etherium.   




Surprisingly, the oldest coin developed as a bitcoin counterpart is still undervalued. Lightcoin is the most promising cryptocurrency on Binance, it's not even about the price collapse that occurred due to cryptozyme.


Bitcoin clone has more flexible characteristics, issuance is declining, coin issuance will soon be over. The difficulty of mining is steadily increasing, and another halving will occur on August 6, 2023 – the remuneration of miners will be cut again. 


LightCoin is not just one of the first cryptocurrencies. The coin has been integrated into various websites and payment vehicles, replacing real money for users today. Also Litecoin has advantages such as:


  • Fast transactions;
  • Fast block generation;
  • Simplified mining algorithm;
  • The source code is completely open.

Litecoin is deservedly considered "digital silver. The current price of $60 per coin seems extremely low. At some point the coin will be worth several thousand dollars. Therefore, 2022 will be a great time to buy LTC.


eCash (XEC).

The coin is in the top 100, but it is still unknown to many. Incredibly, the new and underestimated coin turned out to be a fork of bitcoin. At first glance, it may seem that the trillion-dollar issue contributes to the rejection of buying XEC. However, don't jump to conclusions.


The rebranding of Bitcoin Cash ABC ended in 2021, one BCHA coin turned into a million XEC coins. The kinship with bitcoin gives recognition, also Bitcoin Cash has a strong community that continues to follow the updated coin. 


Another surprising quality is that the coin is mined using asics. The developers combined the Avalanche protocol and the Satoshi Nakamoto consensus. Two algorithms and the presence of stacking are very positive factors for future growth. 


Developers support the new project, but its future remains uncertain. Which cheap cryptocurrency is the most promising – if we talk about coins with the price of less than one cent, then XEC will take the first place in the list of cheap coins with good potential. If the creators will launch the burning mechanism, then the world may have new millionaires just because of XEC, it only remains to follow the news of the project.



Traders are already tired of the monotonous predictions praising bitcoin. If a large number of monotonous coins does not inspire you, then consider the coins from this article. They are now uncut diamonds. Time will definitely affect the price of designated cryptocurrencies. 


You have probably heard that time has passed and cryptocurrencies should have been purchased 10 years ago. This opinion is wrong, you can make money here and now, as crypto winter 2022 has opened up incredible opportunities for investors. If you are trying to diversify your portfolio to include new profitable coins, then put ERGO first. ERG will be an unmistakable investment that will bring in "X's" in the near future. The rest of the coins on the list will also yield good earnings in the long run.