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Crypto bullrun 2022

A bullrun is a period when most investors in the market are buying cryptocurrencies rather than selling them. A bullrun is also called a bull market. Bullruns are part of the life cycle of the crypto market. They are triggered by major infos that significantly raise the price of Bitcoin. There is also a correlation between bullruns and halving. Not counting the former, each bull run occurs some time after the reward for 1 Bitcoin block mined is reduced.


It’s probably not worth waiting for the bullrun in 2022, as:

Bitcoin only recently updated its historical high, this was in April and November 2021. At the moment, the downtrend persists.

There is a decline in economic stimulus in Europe and the US.

Rates are rising rapidly in the US, allowing large investors to move money out of high-risk assets (cryptocurrencies among them) and into low-risk assets (treasuries).

The global situation is not having a positive effect on the first cryptocurrency.

As Bitcoin descended to support at $26,300 in May 2022 and touched $17,800 in June, the onset of cryptozyma is likely. Based on statistics from previous winters, the exchange rate could go down as much as 90%. So far, the drop has been no more than 65%. It is highly probable that the next bull run will happen after the halving in 2024.

Pay attention to the Bitcoin Rainbow Price Chart, according to which bitcoin can “lay low” for a long time, be of no interest to anyone and only then start to rise.

At the end of July 2022, Bitcoin and altcoins began to rise, a small rebound everyone began to call a bull run, many people got FOMO (foregone revenue syndrome). Glassnode has spoken on this: the current structure of the BTC market points to a late bearish phase. But the losses of long-term holders are much smaller than during previous bear markets, which leaves room for another bottom.

The bull run in the crypto world is a legitimate event that is an integral part of the rise and fall cycle of cryptocurrencies. It’s not the only way to make money from coins, so don’t sit back and wait for the next time.